about Mark

Board Member, impact entrepreneur, innovator, consultant, executive coach, investor, accelerator & incubator. Offering assistance with ‘voluntary’ and (acute) necessary changes. Advise, manage and coach companies and organizations and its management, board of directors / shareholders and guide them to the next level.

Connecting the dots

Accomplish, manage and monitor continuity, determined with passion.
A positive thinker with a contagious energy. An analytical, integer, linear, creative, empathic, cognitive very strong and methodical thinker (balanced left / right brain 🙃), working at the cutting edge of business, technology / science and (radical) innovation.
He’s (still) ‘acting’ global, lives in the Netherlands – Amsterdam area.

“for Mark it’s about getting things done and having fun”

International, multicultural, multi-language and multi-religion.
Environmentally aware, analytical, pragmatic and decisive.
Future- & Innovation driven creating results and a smile with a smile.

“Mark creates a vision, articulate this vision, passionately owns this vision, and relentlessly drive it to completion. Time after time. A pioneer in enabling companies to step forward using data insights versus company status, translated to its strategic goals”

Niu Mao Rong, IHI Group –

what he does

Managing changes & creating opportunities in a changing (technological) reinventing society caused by the need for innovation or external factors. He support companies in achieving its high-quality ambition and offer assistance in managing (voluntarily chosen for forced) changes.

He does what he likes and he likes what he does.
Getting things done and moving. With a smile…

Change, turnaround & innovation management
Mark offers assistance with ‘voluntary’ and (acute) necessary changes and advise, coach and manage (starting and restarting) entrepreneurs, companies and organizations in achieving its high-quality ambition. For over 25 years, he has been providing assistance and support to individual professionals, directors and board members of companies on a transformation journey and guiding them in determining the mission, vision and how to get -and stay- there. He is acting global, lives in the Netherlands – Amsterdam area. He regard hisself as a citizen of the world, concerned and involved in the daily challenges of our environment.

Innovation is people,
Change is people…
He turns and changes organizations
through innovation and people.

Seasoned in organizational & continuous Improvements (people, resources, sustainability, technology), incident & problem management. Strong in customer intimacy strategy, strategic business intelligence and controlling, Post-merger integrations and carve-outs. Involved in many collaborations and partnerships, international (science & high-tech) start-ups and innovation programs.

“The ego is the biggest enemy of succes.
Less ego, more excellence” (success is the result of tomorrow)

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up to now…

Mark’s relations and references are mainly ambitious, independent thinking decision makers who distinguish between opinions and realities. With a high sense of responsibility and open to ideas and visions of others, with the creation of values as the highest goal.

He continuously strives for challenges where he can leave a positive and sustainable footprint and where his involvement is a demonstrable, measurable added value in the log term. In the meantime, he has more than 25 years of experience in managing and driving sustainable, science and technology initiatives based on Corporate Social Responsibility & Social Entrepreneurship. For more information: www.linkedin.com/in/mnijenhuis

His network consists of innovators, entrepreneurs, companies, investors, NGOs and policy makers.

“Mark’s global references since 1993”

Waardering: 4.5 uit 5.

Transparent, with a strong sense of self-esteem and does not shy away from conflicts easily. Strong as a person with ultimate responsibility with a sense of mutual relationships and interests. A people manager, proactive and goal-oriented.”

– Niu Mao Rong, IHI Group –

Waardering: 4.5 uit 5.

“Mark has the power to inspire and the ability to assemble a strong team. With his agile decision-making skills, combined with his business knowledge and how he acts as people manager he was able to solve several challenges for us over the past decades. By understanding and embracing science and new technology he is capable of putting it all together…”

– Yotaro Kobayashi, Fuji Xerox –

Together with an international team of professionals, he develops solutions for social, cultural or environmental issues. Full-scale including funding and implementation across a wide range of organizations, varying in size, objectives and beliefs. Consciously dealing with what we do, but especially how and why we do things.


Mail: info@mnijenhuis.com 
Office: +31367998750
Cell: +31617000017

NijnnoVision B.V.
World Trade Center
P.J. Oudweg 4
1314CH Almere
The Netherlands
(visit by appointment only)

“It is better to travel well than to arrive”

Meeting planner:
Please visit calendly.com/mnijenhuis to schedule a 1:1 handshake/meeting
Home & office:
The Netherlands, Almere, Amsterdam area
When of short duration: Global, location independent


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