the way to be respectful is timeless

Respected people seek and share knowledge, they find a way to be inclusive, they under-promise and over-deliver.

They find the joy in everything and praise the work of others, they focus on solutions, not blame.  Respected people are comfortable in their own skin.

respect 2

“…show kindness and courtesy and don’t discriminate”

So therefore:

  • listen harder & be open to criticisms,
  • be considerate & have manners,
  • keep your promise & be fair,
  • encourage & be good at what you do,
  • be on time & be a role model to others,
  • do not assume & and respect others,
  • preserve dignity & go out of your way,
  • treat yourself with respect & honor what you say,
  • conduct yourself professionally & don’t bad mouth others,
  • be yourself & stand up for what you believe in.
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