THIMC (some details)

Passionate and specialized in managing change, organizational improvements (people, resources, sustainability and technology), startups and projects / programs within profit and non-profit organizations. Experienced as a generalist with a focus on the process, steering and insight into complex matters.

Pragmatic, proactive, socially responsible, environmentally aware, decisive, driven, analytical, enthusiastic, innovative, communicative, creative, orderly, planning, organizing, sporty, persuasiveness, no-nonsense, initiator, synergetic and conceptually strong.

Turnaround, Innovation & Transformation Management (>18 years), from startup to scale up (> 20 years), Social Innovation (> 20 years), Governance (10+ years), International (>20 years), Program Management (15 years), Salesforce (>10 years), Scrum/Agile (8 years), Project Management Methodologies / IPMA (15 years), Change Management (>20 years),  Sales & Business Development (>15 years), Operational Management (>15 years), Consultancy (>20 years), Post-Merger Integration (PMI) / Carve Out (>15 years), Diversity & Inclusion Management (D&I) (>15 years), IcT/Cloud Strategy (>10 years), Culture & Technology Alignment (>15 years), BI/data insights/Continuous Improvement Management (CIM) (>15 years), Business Continuity Management (BCM) (>15 years), Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery (BCPDR) (>15 years), Interim Management (>15 years).

“Peace of mind produces right values, right values produce right thoughts. Right thoughts produce right actions.”

International, multicultural, multi-language and multi-religion.
Environmentally aware, analytical, pragmatic and decisive.
Future- & Innovation driven creating results and a smile with a smile.

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